Satin Vs Semi-Gloss Polyurethane: Finding the Perfect Sheen for Wood

Polyurethane reigns supreme when it comes to protecting and beautifying wood. However, not all polyurethane finishes look the same. Polyurethane finishes for wood are available in high gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and matte options.  You may have to decide between satin vs semi-gloss polyurethane finish when choosing for your project; these are two of the most … Read more

Danish Oil Advantages and Disadvantages 

When it comes to finishing wood surfaces, DIYers and professional woodworkers often prefer products that offer a natural appearance. Danish oil is one of the popular choices because it is easy to apply and provides a natural look.  However, like anything else, Danish oil is not without limitations despite being suitable for finishing nearly all … Read more

Is Danish Oil Food Safe (Exploring the Facts)

Danish Oil is a popular wood finish known for its natural beauty, ease of application, and durability. But is Danish oil food safe for those looking to use on kitchen countertops, cutting boards, or other food-contact surfaces? Food safety is crucial when it comes to wood finishing, and many wood finishing products contain chemicals that … Read more

Lemon Oil for Wood Floors, Furniture and Cabinets 

Many products are available on the market for preserving and protecting your precious wood surfaces. However, most of these are chemical-laden or expensive, making them undesirable to the environment and unfavorable to your pocket.  Thankfully, the woodworking market has some excellent natural products that protect and preserve your wood surfaces without endangering the environment. An … Read more

Is Tung Oil Food Safe? The Detailed Answer 

The natural allure of tung oil as a wood finish is undeniable. Its deep penetration, water resistance, and beautiful, natural luster make it a popular choice for finishing various wood surfaces, from cutting boards to children’s toys. But the lingering question is: is Tung oil food safe? Tung oil is generally considered food-safe when fully … Read more