Can You Paint Over Lacquer on Wood?

Lacquered woodwork can be stunning because of the gloss that this finish leaves on the wood surface. However, while lacquer is highly durable and damage-resistant, it can begin to discolor and sustain scratches over time. Can you paint over lacquer on wood to refresh the look when the finish is worn?  A coat of paint … Read more

Can You Use Rust-Oleum On Wood?

The paint brand you choose can make all the difference when it comes to painting projects. One such brand that has stood the test of time is Rust-Oleum.  But can you use Rust-Oleum on wood? While initially famed for its applications on metal surfaces, this versatile paint also performs exceedingly well on other surfaces including … Read more

Can You Paint Over Varnished Wood?

Varnishing is a timeless way of protecting surfaces against wear and tear and general damage. Like everything else, it will age, or you might outgrow the look and itch for change. The big question, then, is, can you paint over varnished wood? The short answer is yes. The long answer? Read along to find out … Read more

Can You Paint over Stained Wood?

Staining is a timeless option when it comes to finishing wood surfaces without concealing its grain patterns and texture. However, when the stained surface wears out and it’s time to revamp it, do you re-stain, or can you paint over stained wood? If that’s your dilemma, stay put. The advantage of staining wood is the … Read more