How To Seal Stained Wood

While staining can significantly beautify wood by accentuating its grain, it does little to protect the surface from damage. Therefore, any stained wood surface requires a durable sealant to protect it and prolong its lifespan.  Whether you are a professional woodworker or a hobbyist DIYer, knowing how to seal stained wood can help you achieve … Read more

How to Prepare Wood for Staining

Staining wood is a timeless way of protecting the surface while adding a pop of color and accentuating the wood grain. However, you must know how to prepare wood for staining to achieve a flawless finish. Wood stains do very little to hide the imperfections on wood. If anything, they highlight them. Nobody wants a … Read more

How to Remove Oil-Based Stain from Wood Step by Step

Oil stains can be annoying, especially when they appear on the most visible parts of your wooden floor or beautiful wood items. Removing these stains can be a headache when you neither know the materials to use nor the right stain-removal procedure to follow. Oil-based stains may occur on your wood due to spillages from … Read more